New publication: John Kills Jenny

New publication of JOHN KILLS JENNY via Sub-Q, a magazine of Interactive Fiction.   Every choice matters, so pick your options carefully. A convicted murderer must play through a "rehabilitation game" to earn his own release.

A year of short stories

About this time last year, I started trying to figure out how to write short stories (inspired in no small part by reading Darby Harn's short fiction via Absolute Write.) I wanted to know they worked, how the fit together, how writers managed to put complete arcs in such low word counts. Since last July,... Continue Reading →

Getting Published: Some Hard Stats

Two full requests out with two different publishers. Not quite a year since I decided to start writing and Finish That Book--this is amazing progress, and I'm really happy. I have yet to hear back from Cornerstones--they may also provide me with more options. I am pretty confident at least one of these three routes... Continue Reading →

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